Month: June 2023

Garage base Linburn

Shed base emergency

Sometimes thing happen at short notice and you just gotta have a 3x5m shed base. Fortunately I had a spare slot to help out a friends request for a base for his new shed. After 1.5tonnes of concrete and lots of cold drinks the base was completed before the installers came.

New Logo

Its been a while coming but I am now the proud owner of a new logo. It combines the profile of K2 and emphasises the Alpine plant aesthetic. The font is taken from an old Alpine Plant book from the 1920’s. Thanks to Maxwell Weaver for creating the design.

Decking (Inverkeithing)

The client wants a 3x4m deck.

Marking out
Blood sweat and tears have gone in to dig the posts
Post and beams fitted
Joist in beam construction

As always with hard landscaping, ninety percent of the work is hidden.

Finished deck. Nearly 400+!!! screws in the decking boards

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