Rockery Dunfermline

The client has an attractive rockery but was plagued with weeds and overrun with Aquilega and unwanted plants. The solution was to remove the unwanted plants and weeds, put down membrane where appropriate and cover with granite gravel from CED stone .

Garage base Linburn

Shed base emergency

Sometimes thing happen at short notice and you just gotta have a 3x5m shed base. Fortunately I had a spare slot to help out a friends request for a base for his new shed. After 1.5tonnes of concrete and lots of cold drinks the base was completed before the installers came.

New Logo

Its been a while coming but I am now the proud owner of a new logo. It combines the profile of K2 and emphasises the Alpine plant aesthetic. The font is taken from an old Alpine Plant book from the 1920’s. Thanks to Maxwell Weaver for creating the design.

Decking (Inverkeithing)

The client wants a 3x4m deck.

Marking out
Blood sweat and tears have gone in to dig the posts
Post and beams fitted
Joist in beam construction

As always with hard landscaping, ninety percent of the work is hidden.

Finished deck. Nearly 400+!!! screws in the decking boards

Dunfermline Indian Sandstone

Sandstone lift and Relay

The customer was having problems with their sandstone patio. An investigation revealed a collapse in the sub base. The ground was not compacted and the the ‘5 dab’ technique reared its head. There was no run on the patio, resulting in the rainwater following into the middle of the surface. The task was to lift, clean and reuse the existing stone. Remove the earth , lay and compact type 1 and then lay the sandstone on a bed of mortar.

Initial picture
The horror – (no sub base and ‘5 dabs’)
halfway through relaying the sandstone
Finished stone and joint compound applied.

Crook of Devon Mono Block

Mono Block Renovation

This job is a complete overhaul of the existing mono block patio. Betterment on the steps. Remove old tree stumps and use the space for additional parking. It is estimated that the block paving is over 20 years old. It has suffered in recent years from water getting under the block and poor overall drainage in the driveway. Task was to lift and relay the existing block , reinstate a suitable run and put in channel drains where appropriate.

The start
Finished project

Scone Palace Garden Competion

Soft Landscaping

The plants are now approved and arriving. The poly tunnel is holding back the alpines where necessary and the remaining plants are arriving next week.

Steel Panel

Its been a while since I uploaded any up image or update. Since the middle of May I’ve been full on with the garden competition. 31st May, the Steel panel arrived safely at college for the blacksmiths to put on a frame. Rather than a rusted effect I decided to keep it with the steel look. The result has been effective and striking. Thanks to Juliet Grant for her support and the rest of her team for getting this delivered at the 11th hour!!!.

Garden preparation

The team including Bernice Keagan, Matt Jessop , Grant, Gregor, Colin and Raymond and students, Conor, Stuart and Alex came together to assemble to all the elements of the garden.

Garden Success

So on the 2nd June. I set up early to get the water feature on and the water topped up. Final dead heading and a final water. At 1pm the judges made their decision and gave us the highly commended prize. Woohoo.

Scone Palace Update

Hard Landscaping

The hard landscaping is now in progress and work continues with creating the path, bridge, alpine boxes and water feature. Thanks to one of our sponsors CED Stone for providing the stone for the path and gravel for the alpine planting @CEDStoneGroup.

Test area in the SRUC college landscaping workshop
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