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Pitcorthie Low Maintenance Garden

The remit was to make the garden low maintenance. The tasks included remove the older, damaged and diseased shrubs, grade the slope at the back of the garden , Insert new posts and screening.

Front garden before
Back garden before
Back garden before
Front garden after
Back garden after
Rear garden after

Arthur St Dunfermline

Garden transformation

This garden was started in the depths of winter and recently finished end of April. It consisted on cutting back the previous years of growth. Remove a few years of weeds, prune back the shrubs, edge the grass and make the garden low maintenance. The grass was adjusted and realigned to remove the acute curves. It goes to show what a couple of hours a week for four months can achieve. Enjoyed the journey with the client and they were happy with the result

The start
Getting into the roots and couch grass
Realigning the grass
Apply everedge and whin stone chips
The finish

Scottish Garden Design Shortlist

Great news. Recently been shortlisted to build a design for a small garden. The design was inspired by the change in Scottish climate and the aesthetic appeal of plants grown under extremes in temperature be it dry or wet periods.

Scottish Garden Design submission

Dalgety Bay Bamboo

This was a bamboo removal job carried out in Sept 2021. The roots had travelled under the patio. The job included the removal of the grass and filter two tonnes of soil to take out any roots or rhizomes. As a precaution a membrane was added to prevent regrowth.


This was a shared garden area. The work was to extend the previously built screen ,put in a permanent patio area and insert gravel boards.

Alpine Garden Pittencrieff Park

An opportunity arose to build a discrete piece of hard landscaping at Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline in June 2021. The head gardener wanted an garden containing alpine plants. The garden was to be located in a space close to the green houses in an unloved plot.

Stone was provided by Miller Homes, Alpines provided from Rumbling Bridge Nurseries. Gravel and Granite chips paid for from donations from Dunfermline Roundtable and Friends of the Glen

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